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Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain

Presented by Carolyn Wilson
Fantastic! A great way to look at the world, my life and others. It has changed my patterns of thinking and also really allowed me to enjoy art/drawing and giving things a go.

Awaken Your Natural Confidence

Presented by Paula Wilson

Free Yourself in Relationships

Presented by Rosie Stave

What a truly amazing thought-provoking experience with Rosie and the Work with Byron Katie. Thank you.

Managing Stress/Sleeping Better

Presented by Lionel Fifield and others
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Lionel is such a wonderful, humourous presenter and he really makes the information/ideas accessible. He also creates a warm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere - especially good for relaxing. Both Lionel and Rimas taught us some really useful techniques that we can use at home. I definitely feel more relaxed after the course and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you.

Making Conversation

Presented by Lionel Fifield
Thank you Lionel, this course was very helpful for me. The exercises and hints will help me to confront people less anxiously in future.
Fantastic, thank you – I feel more confident now to speak with others knowing that other people get nervous too. I found this session very informative with good ideas on how to get over the problem of shyness. I feel a bit more relaxed about the idea of making conversations and looking forward to going out more often, meeting with people and trying out some of the ideas mentioned.

Overcoming Depression - A balanced approach

Presented by Dr Winfried Sedhoff
Thank you very much Winfried - it gave me a real sense of relief to have some strategies to cope with what for me, is often a sense of being overwhelmed with this affliction.
Great course - simply put; hopeful; gentle; affirming: The 'missing piece of the jigsaw".

Chinese Brush Painting

Presented by Jean Turnbull
Excellent course. Jean is a brilliant teacher, most encouraging. We learn with fun too. Big thanks to the Relaxation Centre for all the outstanding courses (I've done a few over the years!)

Powerful Parenting

Presented by Davina Sharry
Here is some feedback from her latest presentation

“So many of us focus on rewards and punishments as parents. I have a three year old who needs to do better listening and who is defiant. Today was just excellent!! Empowering. You as a presenter should be talking to a packed stadium and to huge audiences – you are wasted on 10 participants. I know now how to bring about change. Thank you” Jen

Acceptance Commitment Therapy - Introduction